Day 1 - Shinjuku Park

Itinerary: 5 Days in Japan Part 1

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Day 1 - Shinjuku Park

Day 1 – Shinjuku Park

So, you’re planning a short trip to Japan, but don’t know where to start? Our local contributor, G, has a plan just for you. One that will take in the major festivals, cultural attractions and help you to get around with ease and comfort.

A summary of the program: 

Day 1 (arriving Tokyo in early morning)
Shinjuku Park – Shinjuku – Roppongi hills
Day 2 Tsukiji (fish market) – Sumo – Akihabara
Day 3 Omotesando- Harajuku shibuya
Day 4-5 Visiting Hakone and staying a night in a spa-hotel
Day 5 Coming back to Tokyo (after that leaving Japan)

And a map with all the locations:

Arriving and leaving Tokyo: from and to airport

The international airport of Tokyo is Narita Airport, with several different ways to reach Tokyo
( Note that it locates almost 100 kms away from the city, so I
don’t recommend using a taxi. The best connections to the city:

The Keisei electric railway

The Keisei electric railway

Keisei Electric Railways:
Skyliner (41 min to Ueno, 47 min to Tokyo station)
2470 yen to Ueno (need reseravation!)
Timetable and discount tickets:
Access Express (58 min to Nihon-bashi, 62 min Shimbashi)
About 1320 yen (doesn’t need any reservation)
General info:


Stay tuned for Part 2 where we recommend the best hotels and restaurants during your stay.

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