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Itinerary: 5 Days in Japan Part 2

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So in Part 1 we outlined a 5 day itinerary and gave new travelers to Japan an overview of getting to and from the airport in Tokyo. In Part 2, we list recommended hotels and restaurants along the way:

Recommended hotels in Tokyo
All of these hotels are in about 5-10 min walking distance from Akasaka-Mitsuke station (see them on
the map), and they are in the low / mid price range (business hotels with reasonable comfort) with
excellent or very good ranking on

The Benefits? 
Location! It is in the proximity of several different subway lines, which allows easy access to Shinjuku,
Shibuya, Tokyo etc. Since it is a downtown location, you can avoid most the morning crowd – unlike in
Shinjuku or Shibuya. It is very quit at night, still it has a good selection of restaurants, itzakayas and bars
in the neighborhood. Also, compared to Shinjuu or Shibuya, the room rates are cheaper.

Granbell Hotel Akasaka
Granbell Hotel


The b – Akasaka Mitsuke

The B Hotel, Akasaka

Recommended hotels (ryokans) in Hakone
These are nice hotels with very good ratings on, yet in an affordable price range. Enjoy
the high quality spa of the hotel, the traditional tatami-rooms and Japanese cuisine.

Hotel Senkei ( 箱根湯本 ホテル 仙景)

Fukuzumiro (福住楼)

Recommended restaurants in Akasaka

Itamae Sushi
A great selection of nigiri, roll sushi and other typical Japanese dishes. Full set menus from 3000-3500
yen, sushi plates from 2500-3000 yen, all-you-can drink plans from 1500 yen.

Itamae Sushi, Akasaka

Itamae Sushi, Akasaka








Ninja Akasaka

It is how it sounds. The ninja restaurant…
No, seriously, a ninja-themed restaurant – and the food is actually good


Stay tuned for Part 3 where we present the 5 day itinerary in detail. And don’t miss our overview in Part 1 where we outline the 5 day itinerary and advise on getting to and from the airport.


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