5 Great Hiking Spots On Vancouver Island

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Anyone traveling to Vancouver Island will undoubtedly want to learn more information about how they can plan out their trip to the area. This island has become well known as a destination for outdoors enthusiasts. Nearly all of Vancouver Island has been preserved in its original state, which has added to its overall appeal as well. Most people will be interested to see how they can plan out a trip to see everything that the island itself has to offer. Visitors may also want to bring camping gear, since the island is expansive. The site has several excellent primitive camping locations, which will add to its overall appeal for most out in the community. This will enable visitors to enjoy the natural habitat and stay prepared during the course of their trip.

1. West Coast Trail

This is actually one of the major locations that tends to draw people to the area in the first place. The West Coast Trail is effectively a 47 mile long loop that will course throughout the island. This will tend to draw in anyone who is interested in seeing some of the topography of the island. Since the trail is expansive, it will help people enjoy the experience that they can find on this island. Along the course of the trail itself, many people will be interested in seeing some of the expansive features in the area. Tsusiat falls is a major draw for people, since it does provide some excellent photo opportunities.

2. Carmanah Lighthouse

The lighthouse is actually situated along the course of the trail, which makes it a convenient stop off location. Its spot on the beach has actually made it an iconic location for many people within the community itself as well. This spot is perfect for anyone who wants a launching point for their boat or kayak. The beach along the area is typically clear and easy to access as well. This has made this a popular camping spot as well, particularly during calm weather seasons. Most people will want to check out how they can make this a destination on their itinerary when they head in to the area soon.

3. Juan de Fuca Trails

Many people will want to consider this as an alternative to a few other types of trails that are located in the area. It will provide other scenic views of the coastline, which has proven to be a popular draw as well. Botanical Beach is perhaps one of the highlights of the trail, which has added to its overall appeal for many people out in the community. If anyone is adventurous enough to plan out an extensive trip here, they could actually pass through both trails. This will give an excellent view of the surrounding area, which will add to the appeal of the location itself.

4. Darling River

If hikers are headed to the interior of the island, then they will need to stop off here as well. Though the island itself offers people the chance to explore the coastline, the interior is starting to draw in a fair bit of attention in its own right. The river is perhaps best known for a drop off that forms in to a waterfall. This waterfall forms one of the most impressive aspects of the interior of the island, which is something that shouldn’t be missed. There are a few campsites located around the perimeter of this section, making this a good place to stop for the evening. Travelers may want to plan out their trip so that they can see this and many other sites within the island.

5. North Coast Trail

This is actually one of the newest sections of trails cut throughout the island. Visitors will want to pencil this one in if they have time, because it will be an all new experience. Many local residents have been drawn in to the island because of the views that this trail provides. There are points on the trail that can only be accessed by water taxi, which can be rented out ahead of time. There are a few service teams on the island, who may be ready to lend their support to complete different types of rentals in advance. Visitors will want to plan out these details before they head to the island, but there are resources available online as well.

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