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Traveling to new places today is inevitable and often times most people become stressed with the tasks that come with it including: coming up with travel plans, hotel reservations, car rentals and clambering to catch up with flights. As such, it is even harder if you are visiting a place for the first time because you will be worried about the cost, what you should carry, language, eating habits and security. However, the recent upsurge of Smartphones, iPod, iPad, Blackberry and even the iPhone, implies that availing one and installing the right travel apps can help you simplify the work and concentrate on important aspects of your trip. Although the available travel apps online are many, here are 5 useful travel apps that can relieve your stress and help you enjoy the trip.

1. Google Maps

Most people find it hard to inquire from others where a particular place is situated and what the best route to reach that particular place is. With Google Maps installed on your Smartphone you can easily figure that out without having to struggle inquiring from people. It is even possible to use the app to judge the traffic situation on the roads to your destination and hence the best app to direct you to the destination and the route to take. What you should know is that the app is free for download and installation and is easy to use and navigate as well as being quite accurate. Nonetheless, it is critical to have internet access on your Smartphone in order to utilize it.

2. Kayak

When coming up with your travel itinerary, this particular app can assist you a great deal. Its popularity has been inspired by its ability to help people detect the best flight, compare costs and know the flight time, make a choice from the available car rentals, find a perfect hotel room to abide, stay informed on travel agenda and receive notification on price changes. With the app, travelling is made easier and with it you will be comfortable knowing that you will get real time feeds on what is going on and how you will go about with your travel agenda. In any case that the flight will be cancelled, no matter where you are you will be notified. Even when you will need to contact the airport and make changes to your flight, the app will still give you the contact number. So, download and install this free app today if you are planning to travel and be assured to enjoy a quality slip.

3. Foodspotting

As an individual concerned about your diet, you should download this free app to guide you the best place to eat during your travel. People differ in their eating habits, but vegan options such fruits and vegetables are the best no matter where you are. Installing the app in your Smartphone is critical since it is a user-uploaded guide to a restaurant’s menu and location. What is notable is that Foodspotters take real pictures of food in each and every angle and not what the food look like in a photocopied menu. Hence, with the app you can easily see where to eat your vegan meal.

4. TripLingo

There is nothing more encouraging about traveling than understanding the usual phrases of the people’s speech in a particular destination. With TripLingo, you can learn the common words and their pronunciations, especially in international recognized languages that include: English, French, Spanish and German among others. TripLingo is a translation app that has features such as language pronunciation guide, “Slang Slider” that gives the expressions and flash cards that aid in phrase memorization. In fact, with the app language learning becomes more of a game, thus help kill your curiosity.

5. Postagram

Your loved ones need to be updated about your travel so that they don’t become concerned with the doubts of your security while out. With Postagram, you can easily take photos in the place you have visited, crop them, type personalized messages on them and mail them to your loved ones’ addresses usually stored in the app. The app is normally more inexpensive to install and use and can save you the trouble of informing your family and acquaintances about your well-being during the trip.

Therefore, the above travel apps are reliable, and you should consider downloading and installing them in your Smartphone. Only then, will traveling become fun and enjoyable.

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