A parade in Sassari

A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in Sardinia

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Our guest writer, Amelia, is a native Sardinian and has all the tips and tricks on familiarizing yourself with the city before your trip:

Sardinia is a real natural paradise, where many things have remained intact and preserve the ancient taste of tradition. The temperatures are very good in all periods of the year (rainfall occurs between December and February, and especially in the interior of Sardinia)

A VERY important thing is to never forget to put sunscreen: very often we have a slight wind that can not figure out how much sun there is, and then in the evening there is the burned skin :)

The only downside to this wonderful island is that they often lack the structures are being put in the service of tourists, yet very few speak English and a lot of information not reported.

Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari, Sardinia

Ways of living in Sardinia

Trust us Sardinians, must be won over time, we never give much confidence in those who do not know , is not our mentality . We are wary of strangers and sincere and loyal to his friends and again, the desired guests are ” sacred ” to the Sardinian .

These strengths and weaknesses, are much more pronounced , the more you get closer to the hinterland , to the heart of the island. Despite globalization , it is certain that in a hundred years , a Sardinian held still inside him , a good portion of distrust and pride. Woe to offend the sensibilities of a Sardinian , and if that happens, to mend the relationship , it will take all five feelings. Have a friend or a colleague Sardinian is the most beautiful and precious things that can , he will strip all his qualities of courage and loyalty.

A parade in Sassari

A parade in Sassari

The Sardinians are also reliable people and very generous with their friends , they have a genuine heart and place great emphasis on tradition but also to the good food. They are not inclined to joke, and be touchy and stubborn, for us it means to have dignity so there never prostrate at the feet of anyone. We are proud to be ourselves, both as individuals and as Sardinians. We understand what our weaknesses and we accept, but we do not like outsiders to make it their own. The fact that our region has a low density of population , given that malaria has prevailed for hundreds of years , reaping as we know, many victims and leaving generational large voids , had an impact on our character and our psychology. One thing that has always lacked the Sardinians , the unit is , in fact an ancient proverb states: ” Centu concas , Centus berritas ” , which is a hundred heads , a hundred hair , and then again ” Pocos , lojos unidos y mal ” few, crazy and disunited , as we appealed our cousins ​​Aragonese in the past we were often divided and antagonistic , and it is still so , we hear about it, what you say Cagliari and Sassari.

The Sardinian women , they are usually honest without drawing her shyness hypocritical , especially those of Central Sardinia , less savvy , young ladies of the city. They still hide the charm of their beauty, behind the long dark skirts pleated . And then there’s the Sardinian music , that’s better than anything else, expresses the spirit of our people and maybe that’s the music that we can better identify the nature of the Sardinians . Both the language and the music of Sardinia, has always exerted a great fascination on the scholars of our land. High is also in Sardinia , the sense of justice, more than any other people, both among the humble among scholars and note the large number of lawyers from our baked Sardinia , far wider than the other regions of ‘ Italy . Sardinian an old proverb : ” Giustisia who falta , giustisia bale “, that is , the righteousness which is wrong, justice is a rifle ball

Eating in Sardinia

Sardinian food

As starters are known hams from hogs’ or boars as those of Fonni of Desulo and Oliena, accompanied by mushrooms, olives and cheeses, including the Sardinian pecorino, fresh or aged, the Casizolu fresh or roasted (often served with honey). In addition to the various hams are appreciated different qualities of bacon, pork loin and cup. The sausages and cured meats of Irgoli often introduce the meal of the inland areas, together with the Frue or frughe, which is the curdled milk of sheep.

Malloreddus the dumplings are made ​​of durum wheat semolina traditionally flavored with saffron. They are usually dressed to the campidanese ie with sausage gravy , but among the recipes there is a variant with Casu furriau ie with melted cheese and saffron.

Culurgiones the dumplings are stuffed with ricotta and mint, or with a filling of potato , cheese and mint ;

Fregula is instead a special pasta of durum wheat semolina , worked in small lumps and used for dishes like fregula with clams or fregula sauce .

Panada is a pie made ​​with puff pastry and stuffed with lamb (or eel ), potatoes and dried tomatoes



Frattau ie the Bread Carasau soaked in broth , arranged in layers interspersed with grated pecorino cheese and tomato sauce and topped with a poached egg ;

Cordula or the Cordedda is made from the intestines of goat or lamb cooked twisted and wrapped around a skewer or cooking it in a pan with peas ( cordula cum pisurci ) or other variants

Seadas or Sebadas originating in Barbagia are discs of dough enclosing a filling of fresh pecorino cheese , slightly acidic, melted with the grits , or fresh cow’s milk , and flavored with lemon , fried and covered with melted honey , preferably bitter

Pardulas are very similar to Casadinas but the filling is made ​​with ricotta cheese , have a look at the dome, are the softest of casadinas and covered with powdered sugar or granulated

Carasau bread is a bread in the shape of thin disks very crisp obtained through a double cooking in the oven , the Guttiau is a variant of carasau same : it is heated in the oven with olive oil and salt, or wet and rolled up.

In addition Pula is one of the cities where you can enjoy a truly exceptional pizza.


Filu e’ferru

Brandy, which takes its name from a practice used in the past to hide the illegally distilled product : you put the brandy in a container which was then buried and to identify the location, would tie a piece of wire protruding from the ground. The pomace is obtained from carefully selected . The most renowned is produced in inland areas and Oristano .


Obtained from the infusion of cold lemon peel still green in alcohol , with the addition of honey and sugar. From greenish-yellow color , is considered an excellent thirst quencher particularly appreciated on hot summer nights.


Mirto - Sardinia's most famous liqueur

Mirto – Sardinia’s most famous liqueur

Undoubtedly the most famous Sardinian liqueur , which owes its success to the homonymous plant , evergreen, 1-2 meters high , the family of myrtaceae . It is obtained by cold infusion with the addition of honey or sugar of small black berries of the plant or of its leaves in the first case the liquor assumes a dark red color and a flavor exquisitely aromatic, in the second case a slightly greenish color and a more delicate flavor . The liquor , toning properties and digestive , served cold as an aperitif or digestif.


It ‘s the most famous wine of Sardinia , made from a grape of Spanish origin likely , mainly produced in the eastern part of the island. DOC wine , ruby red color and the taste of warm , full and dry.

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