A parade in Sassari

A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in Sardinia

Traveler August 14, 2016 0

Our guest writer, Amelia, is a native Sardinian and has all the tips and tricks on familiarizing yourself with the city before your trip: Sardinia is a real natural paradise, where many things have

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paris hoteldeville

A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in Paris

Traveler June 9, 2014 0

Welcome to the City of Lights! Paris is a lively city full of history, culture, diversity, and beauty. There is so much to see that it can be overwhelming, but with these tips and

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A Beginner's Guide to Traveling in Germany

A Beginner’s Guide to Traveling in Germany

Cindy June 9, 2014 0

Germany has a vast history which encompasses many decades of both peace and war.  Most people know Germany as the home of Hitler and the Nazi Party.  That is not the Germany of today. 

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The Tower of London

A Beginner’s Guide to London

Traveler June 4, 2014 0

England’s capital is often ranked as being one of the top cities in the world and it’s easy to see why; stunning architecture, countless attractions and vast history mixed with the British culture make

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