Cat and rabbit cafes are a must-see in Japan

Cultural Japan: 3 Quirky Recommendations

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To complement Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of our 5 day itinerary to Japan, we’ve put together these three recommendations on things to see that will give you a flavor of Japan’s quirkier side:



OdaibaPalete town ferry wheel at Odaiba
This is one of the largest ferry wheel in Japan, with an excellent view on the city.

900 yen / 15 min, best at sunset
It is open tilll 10pm


The Museum of Sudio Ghibli

(, )
You should reserve tickets beforehand!
Estimated time: a couple hours
Close to: about 30-40 min trip from Shinjuku Station

This museum of the demi-gods of Japanese anime is a short ride from downtown Tokyo. But be careful: YOU HAVE TO RESERVE TICKETS! You can buy them from outside, or in Japan, in the LAWSON convenience stores (details: )
Be careful with the holidays and long lines!


Cat and rabbit cafés

Cat cafeIn case you think Die Katze or the maid cafes of Akihabara is not enough, here is the real thing: pet cafes. Here are two shops that you can easily access in Ikebukuro and Harajuku areas.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Some people just cannot have a coffee without touching furry creatures constantly. Some others …
Neko299 , a cat café in Ikebukuro ( )
It is a good café, less on the hardcore end. Price: 150 yen/10 min, or 1500 yen / 2 hours pack.
Ra.a.g.f., a rabbit café in Harajuku (
Price: 700 yen/30 min, or 1100 yen / 1 hours pack. Rabbit food: 150 yen

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