Follow These 7 Tips And Stay Safe While Travelling Abroad

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Matt Christopher Arrested At International Ngurah Rai AirportWhile traveling abroad you need to always stay safe. With the right tips and tricks you can survive an unbelievable array of situations including street scums and hustles. Being safe will allow you to enjoy traveling and collecting your memorable experiences.

Keep money at various locations

This will come in handy just in case you are robbed because it may be difficult to access cash when you are robbed of everything. Keep debit and credit cards separate. Avoid taking all your cash cards with you. You should stash some cash somewhere in your hotel room. Carry as little cash as possible if you have to carry cash. Don’t flaunt large amounts of money to other people once you leave your hotel room. In addition, exercise caution when changing money to local currency.

Scan you documents

Scan all your important documents. Multiple copies of your documents will help you if you lose original documents that can certify you. You can make copies of your passport, flight ticket and hotel booking. You can also email yourself the documents as a sure way to always have them with you.

Don’t get too drunk

Just because you are on holiday doesn’t mean you have to lose control. Know your alcohol limits. Avoid getting drunk too much. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. Getting drunk will only put you at risk of becoming a target. You could be arrested, sexually assaulted, injured or robbed. While you are at it, never leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers. If you are with friends, you can ask them to keep an eye on your drink. You should keep an eye on your friends at all times as well.

china-thieves-pickpockets-smallAlways have your hotel’s address

If this is your first time in the foreign land, you are likely to find it difficult to navigate. It is therefore important to have the address to your accommodation with you whenever you go. Have the address in both english and the native language. If traveling in a group, each member should also do the same just in case you lose each other. You can save the address on your phone or in your small notebook. Take a photo of your accommodation if you can.

Get travel insurance

Take out travel insurance regardless of your travel destination. It can cover you for insurable events such as theft of baggage, trip interruption/cancellation, baggage damage and medical expenses for illness or injury. The travel insurance will stop you from personally covering these costs. Get your insurance regardless of how long you will be away.

Don’t be flashy

Don’t bring attention to yourself in any way. Apart from getting drunk, avoid taking cabs that aren’t registered with the city. Don’t wear your expensive jewelry if you are going to walk alone at night. Instead, you can organize for a pick up by a taxi or your hotel can provide private cabs. You may feel comfortable carrying your camera and camcorder on your arm or hanging from your neck, but you should put away your equipment when you are done. It may seem like a hassle to take out the equipment whenever you want to take a picture or video, but that extra effort will be worth it. The equipment may attract thieves who may try to rip it off you.

Let your family know where you are

Keep your family posted on what you are up to. This will stop them from worrying about you. You will also feel safe and secure when you talk to your friends and family back home because they know your travel details. Give out details such as your accommodation.

Maintain a schedule that doesn’t put you in harms way. For example, more bad stuff happens late at night than during the day. Be smart when exploring a destination. Avoid places that target tourists. Memorize the locations and phone numbers of important facilities such as the embassy, hotels, police stations and hospitals. For more personal security, don’t tell a stranger too many details about your plan or your life. If you are going to rent a car during your travels, make sure the car is up to standard and meets all your needs and demands.

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