How To Make New Friends When Travelling

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When you’re traveling alone, it can be a little daunting and it’s common for people to be worried about how they’re going to make friends while they are away. This article will discuss how to go about meeting great new people while you travel.

Solo-traveling has a huge array of benefits, but there’s always one pesky negative lurking around – homesickness, loneliness or “Nomad Depression”. Whatever term you use to describe it, loneliness can be a pretty big issue when you’re traveling. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a country for a couple of days, a couple of weeks or a couple of years. It’s possible that you’ll never feel completely satisfied or comfortable until you’ve made a friend or two. It’s actually one of the most fun things about traveling, you can meet a whole bunch of new people and it’s not remotely as difficult as you might expect it to be!

Day Tours

Almost every accommodation will offer day tours, which can be paid for at the time of departure or ahead of time.

It’s easy to find other people that are also traveling alone when you’re booking a tour through a hostel. One of the greatest things about the situation is that everyone’s stuck together in a setting they aren’t familiar with. So everybody is in the same position. Chances are, not a single one of them wants to spend their entire day alone. Why not give them and yourself some company?

Host a Party

Although this option isn’t always available, it’s still a fantastic way to get to know new people. If your accommodation is a hostel or a hotel, inform the other residents that there’s going to be a party at a particular time, at a certain bar.

Alternatively, if you’ve got the permission of the owners and enough space in the room(s), have your party there. Even if it’s just a little gathering, it’s a cool way to get the best value from your accommodation. You could even create yourself some invitations to send around to neighbors.

Social Media

People usually don’t think that they’ll find anything useful, but checking local Facebook groups and such can be a fantastic way to see if anyone’s in the area that wants to meet up.
It’s a little bit of a long-shot, but you could even end up finding out that your friend from home is in the same place you are! It’s a small world, you never know. That’s the power of social media, you’re able to check where everyone’s at and if they want to meet up.


One of the best and most obvious ways to make friends while you travel is to stay in a hostel. Because you’re putting yourself in a place where you almost have to interact with people, you’re sure to find a good friend or two.

If you opt for staying in a hotel, it’s unlikely that you’ll even get the chance to converse with a person.There’s a very public atmosphere at hostels, with the common rooms, bunk-mates and room-mates. Typically, people will choose to stay at hotels. It’s a shame, really. Eating, meeting and greeting other travelers is not only and new, fun experience. It’s a powerful way to connect people and to get them talking to each other. People that go to a hostel for the first time usually come out as hostel converts. Who knows, you might go to brush your teeth and end up meeting your future best friend!

Couch Surfing

This one is pretty interesting. Because it’s so reliant on the generosity of others, you’re bound to end up meeting someone that’s really nice. It gets you close to your hosts, as well. There’s another alternative that doesn’t require you to actually sleep on their couch, though. The meet for coffee option is offered by Couch Surfing – a great way to gain a little bit of knowledge on the city you’re staying in. Perhaps you’ll even end up with your own personal guide.

Meetups are often a lot of fun. Browse group walls and pay careful attention for if there’s any future events planned in your region. There might be a beach party that very night, or a bicycle renting meet the day after. All kinds of events get planned, so don’t miss out.

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