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Itinerary: 2 Days in Sardinia

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Now that you’ve read our beginners’ guide to Sardinia, our guest writer, Amelia – a native Sardinian – outlines a two day itinerary that covers all the most popular attractions, as well as where to stay, eat and shop:

Once you’ve arrived at Cagliari Elmas airport, you can reach the city in several ways:

Car rental

Present in the block covered parking, ground floor, all the major national car rental companies (AVIS, HERTZ)  About a 30/50 Euros per day). For availability must visit their website.


At the exit of the ground floor and the 1st floor there are several taxi companies. From airport to Cagliari – about 25 euro


Visit the company’s local urban transport ARST to learn about routes, schedules and costs. The buses are quite frequent every 15, 30 or 50 minutes depending on the time of day. But be careful because from Cagliari airport the last bus leaves at 22.30 and the last bus from the airport to the city is 23.30.

Accommodation in Cagliari, I recommend highly :

T hotel in the center of Cagliari, with a taxi service ever present, perfectly connected, nice and elegant, the staff really friendly. Inside you will also find a spa that I would recommend.

The T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia

The T Hotel in Cagliari, Sardinia


Food in Cagliari

Su Cumbidu

Address: Via Napoli 11/13 Cagliari (near Via Roma) Phone: 070 660 017

Price: 25 (close to where you live)

Su Cumbidu restaurant in Cagliari, Sardinia

Su Cumbidu restaurant in Cagliari, Sardinia

You can not skip this fantastic restaurant in my opinion: People cordial and divine food. Appetizers, first course, main course, fruit, dessert , coffee, and sweet for just 25eur. The restaurant only serves dishes made ​​with products from the hinterland then meats, cheese, suckling pig, sheep, dry biscuits and so much more … you get up really satiated and satisfied;)


Address: Viale Sant’AvendracePrice: 8-10

Pizza great, very spicy and very good. A great deal of friendliness. Among the lowest prices of Cagliari, excellent value for money.

Sa Domu Sarda

Address: Via Sassari 51

Phone: 070653400

Price: 25-30 € per person

is absolutely excellent. The cuisine is typical Sardinian, then you start with tasty appetizers of pickled vegetables and local sausages, from malloreddusu.


Address: Via Sardegna, 78

Phone: 3335909024

Price: 40-50 head

Cagliari’s historic restaurant that prepares tasty dishes based on fish, located in the quaint neighborhood “Marina”. The best “lobster Cagliaritana” you’ll find here. Also excellent spaghetti with clams and bottarga. Prices a little higher, but if you want to taste the traditional dishes, this is the place.


Address: Via Santa Gilla 123

Phone: 070-288415

Price: 30-40 per person

This is a simple place right in front of the Santa Gilla lagoon. At the entrance a number of signs warning: we do not cook pasta, we do not clean fish. But the reception in the room is very welcoming, indeed. In the menu seafood specialties cooked according to tradition Cagliari: octopus salad, scabecciu, sea bass, sea bream and sea bream roasted in brine, lobster and a fragrant mixed fried red mullet, gobies, squid and whatever else the sea has offered. Regional wines and homemade produce, home-made cakes.


Address: Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 320, 09123 Cagliari

Small restaurant located in Vittorio Emanuele, slices of pizza topped in various ways to consume within or as take-aways. Great quality / price l also find a spa that I would advise strongly

Bars in Cagliari

To drink in the evening , the neighborhood where you are staying is full of nice local bars to go to for a drink

EX MA ‘ Via San Lucifer 71 – Cagliari

Ex MA ‘ is considered quite rightly the focus of nightlife in Cagliari , a meeting point in the center of the city where you can drink a good cocktail and possibly organize the follow-up of the evening. But The Ex ‘ is the old slaughterhouse in Cagliari , built in the mid nineteenth century. The complex is stretched over a larger area , reduced in the thirties because of the extension of Via Sonnino. Active until 1966 and equipped with a multi-purpose facility , is currently home to temporary exhibitions and , in summer, of shows.

Tel: 070 / 666399

Libarium Nostrum Via S. Cross 33 – Cagliari

Castle District

A view of the lower city and the Gulf of Cagliari that is second to none , thanks to a magical location in the terrace of the Bastion of Santa Croce. Elegance and exclusivity are  its strengths, without missing however the typical traits of hospitality Cagliari. So a suggestion for tourists and a meeting place for young people in classic Cagliari. The inner part is made from the bar area and 2 large rooms inside . Teas and infusions are served in the afternoon, pre -disco in the evening. Closed on Mondays.

Old Square Irish Pub

Corso Vittorio Emanuele 46 – Cagliari

Where the deep tradition of Irish pub blends with the atmosphere of the historic district of Stampace. The result is a unique place, where the sommelier guides your wine tasting . During the week the place comes alive with a full program of live music and DJ sets. All the great Irish beers are here ( Guinness, Harp , Kilkenny )  which are capable of satisfying the diverse clientele that frequents the circle . Closed on Mondays.

Tel: 070 658099

Cafe De Candia Via De Candia 3

An elegant establishment located near the Bastion Saint – Remy . You can taste excellent wines and cocktails.

Tel: 070 757 2342

Coffee Quarter Castle of Spirits – Cagliari.

A stone’s throw from De Candia  is the Coffee of Spirits, a local spectacular especially in the outdoor area which is beautiful in mild weather . A large terrace , complete with sofas and hammocks , makes an evening at the Café of the Spirits a greay way to spend a couple of hours in a worldly environment and at the same time relaxing . Particularly animated , as well as over the weekend , on Thursday evening.

Tel: 070 311 0373

Two Day Itinerary in Sardinia – Attractions to Cover

The following attractions are must-see and can be completed in a two day period, with plenty of downtime to enjoy food and drink in the wonderful local establishments.

Bastion of Saint – Remy

Via Torino , 16,

Bastion St Remy, Sardinia

Bastion St Remy, Sardinia

Fantastic and impressive . It is located in the heart of the historical center of Cagliari. Spectacular panorama that can be admired from the terrace of the Bastion, a contrast between history and modernity. At night, especially on weekends, there are hundreds of people, so you may have to wait your turn.

Shrine and Basilica of Bonaria

Square Bonaria

Beautiful Basilica with sweeping views of the port of Cagliari. The simplicity of the friars Mercedarians is highlighted and the size of the church is truly impressive. Wonderful light and color. Visit the statue to bring good luck and protection.

Monte Urpino

It’s a quiet place, fresh , clean, no cars or bikes , but great for walking or jogging, or to contemplate your stay in the midst of tall pine trees , ponds and peacocks .

Cathedral of Santa Maria

Piazza Palazzo, n 4

Cathedral of Santa Maria, Cagliari

Cathedral of Santa Maria, Cagliari


Simple and rich at the same time . The gables of the ports of entry shine like pure gold , beautiful in the late afternoon , when the sun shines on them .

Marina Piccola

A walk where you can enjoy the beautiful sunny November in Provo over 24 degrees.

Natural Park Molentargius -Saline

Via La Palma, 09126 Cagliari

If you love a little nature you can not help but visit this location.  Known for the presence of pink flamingos and the wetlands, you can  reach the park by public transport from Cagliari ( Poetto direction ) on the edge of the town of Quartu

Poetto Beach

Poetto , Cagliari

It can be reached easily on foot or by bicycle ( for younger people) by public transport or with your own car (parking is easy ) , there are several establishments and kiosks that can offer the services of umbrella and sun beds as well as a nice bar.

Anfiteatro Romano in Cagliari

by St. Ignatius of Laconi

In the city center , within easy walking distance

Anfiteatro Romano

Anfiteatro Romano

2nd century AD roman amphitheatre.  Bars and restaurants very close by. Highly recommended for its atmosphere. (Closed for renovation but opening late 2014).


Enjoy your 2 day trip to Sardinia! You are in for a treat.




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