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Hotel Review of Crowne Plaza, Xi’An China

Jericho McCune October 17, 2015 0 Hotel Reviews

Crowne Plaza Xi'an exteriorThis hotel isn’t the nicest I’ve ever been in, but it’s the nicest I’ve ever slept in. It’s not a cheap place to stay, but for the quality of service and the modern, comfortable rooms, it’s worth the price. A basic single room starts out at about 1200RMB ($200) and goes up from there, which isn’t too awful by Western standards. It’s quite expensive in China, so the place runs like a 5-star hotel.

Xi’an is famous for being an ancient city. It’s where the Terracotta Warriors are, there are pagodas and centuries-old buildings everywhere, and that old world charm is what draws millions of tourists to the area every year. One of the tallest buildings in the area, the Crowne Plaza stands out from the rest by reveling in modern lines and towering walls that wrap around a huge, open foyer.

It has all the amenities you would expect, from turn down service to wake up calls, and they’ll even do your laundry and shine your shoes. I can’t vouch for the shine, because I don’t wear shiny shoes, but the laundry service was excellent. Inside the hotel is a money exchange, document station and a full business center. The one suggestion I might have is to get plenty of cash exchanged before you get to Xi’an, if only because the line is always long since they’re kind enough to service people not staying at the hotel.

Crowne Plaza Xi'an hotel reviewThe Crowne Plaza, Xi’an China is located near the Drum & Bell Tower, a great first stop during a trip to the city, so it’s very central to all the sites. Second Ring Road runs past the hotel, and that goes everywhere, or connects to one of the other rings. It is in a fairly modern part of the city, but that’s mostly irrelevant considering everywhere that isn’t the corporate park (just outside the city) is surrounded by incredibly old stuff. There are a lot of nice, touristy restaurants close by, but those that lack adventure can be more than satisfied with the restaurants in the hotel that serve both upscale Chinese food and passable Western fare.<br><br>It really is a great place to stay, particularly if you’re there on business. Xi’an is the kind of city that has fantastic hostels, and I would definitely suggest those first, but they don’t have the more useful, and increasingly necessary things you might need like WiFi, a hot shower with constant pressure, or even a sit down toilet. For those, you have to stay in a nice hotel, and this is one of the nicest.

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