Review of Holiday Inn SW Louisville KY

Review of Holiday Inn SW, Louisville Kentucky

Jericho McCune July 29, 2014 0 Hotel Reviews

Review of Holiday Inn SW, Louisville KYThe Holiday Inn SW, Louisville, Kentucky, is one of those places that’s just good enough. It’s a quintessential hotel, as basic as can be but adequate enough that you can’t complain. The best thing about it is that it exists, which might sound odd until you realize it’s the only actual hotel in the area. If you want to stay somewhere else, somewhere that isn’t a motel, you have to stay on the other side of town.

Fort Knox is a major military base in Kentucky, and Louisville is the nearest large city. To get to Fort Knox, you have to travel southwest from the city, which makes this Holiday Inn the best choice if you’re planning a tour of the area. I’ve stayed there twice, once just before I went into the army and again a decade later when I went back for a visit, and both times my stay was essentially the same – average.

Rooms are on the high end of cheap. They start at around $120, and they offer a military discount on top of all the normal perks you can find at a Holiday Inn. Rooms are typical, set up like you see in just about every movie featuring a hotel room that isn’t important to the story. There’s a bed, a couple pieces of furniture, and a small but serviceable bathroom.

Review of Holiday Inn SW Lousiville KYThe hotel is just off the highway, I-264, which runs to Fort Knox one way, and wraps around the city going the other. Louisville isn’t very big, so even though the hotel is kind of out of the way, just about everything can be driven to in less than half an hour. It’s not the most convenient for travelers without their own vehicle, though.

Louisville’s two major malls are in the same area as the hotel, so there’s no want for shopping. It’s also close to Bardstown Road, which is where all the best local spots are located. Bardstown could be considered the “hipster” part of town, but that doesn’t bother me. It’s a great place to shop, with a lot of small shops devoted to music (especially vinyl), arts and crafts, and interesting food.

People traveling to the area to go to Churchill Downs for a race or Papa John’s Stadium for a Cardinal’s game may want to pick something closer. There is a Holiday Inn on the east side of the city if it’s your chain of choice. For people that want to be on the west side of town, it’s not bad.

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